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Article: what is january birthstone

what is january birthstone | Luo Jewelry

what is january birthstone

The Illustrious January Birthstone

A beautiful ring featuring the January birthstone, Garnet

The January birthstone is the beautiful garnet. You can find the garnet gemstone in a rainbow of colors. However, the most popular and preferred garnet is the fiery orange, nearly crimson hue. This illustrious gem, cut to perfection for your taste and jewelry preference, is a burning ember, a reminder of your fire, warming and illuminating even the coldest January night.

This article discusses various ways of wearing a January birthstone and the meaning behind this gem.

Color Options for Garnet

The traditional and most powerful color is the blood orange garnet. This hue comprises the most in-depth, while still affordable jewelry pieces for January.

Yet, that does not mean that this seductive color is your only option. There are plenty of gemstone color options available for garnet rings. Here are some of the most striking:

Tsavorite Garnets: You can only find these beauties in Tsavo National Park in Africa. The emerald hue of this specific gem compliments gold exquisitely and comes in many different cuts to accommodate a plethora of unique jewelry pieces.

Purple (Grape) Garnets: Mozambique purple garnet rings are rarer than Tsavorite garnets, as there is little information about them available. In 2016, a GIA lab in Bangkok published an analysis on these elusive gems in the fall edition of Gems & Gemology, revealing that miners retrieved the particular jewels they studied from Mozambique in Manica province, which is close to the Zimbabwe border.

Rhodolite Garnets: These luscious gems are softer than their iconic counterpart but can be available in various hues. These gems complement gold nicely, although if you are looking for a more subtle piece, they are beautiful centerpieces for a sterling silver backdrop.

Mandarin Garnets: True Mandarin Garnet rings are rare. Overusing the name dulls the luster for those unfamiliar with the unequivocal charm of a genuine Mandarin Garnet. Yet, for those who know the correct variation, there is no mistaking it. Mandarin Garnets are an undeniable orange, different from any other garnet hue available. So while searching for this stone, do not be fooled by those selling garnets as Mandarin unless it embodies the unmistakable orange.

Of course, plenty of other hues fall within the spectrum of the absolve color options. However, as a brief overview of the striking difference in the available garnet rainbow, these are the varieties you can choose.

Jewelry Piece Options for Garnet

Considering the vast amount of color and cut options available for garnet, it makes sense that many stunning jewelry pieces are available, using it as a centerpiece. So, here are some of the most prolific jewelry piece options available for garnet.

Necklaces: Depending on the type of garnet you desire, you have plenty of options for necklaces that incorporate or showcase this gem. Using color, cut, and preferred style, you can get a bold piece or something for everyday wear.

Earrings: Earrings are another option where you have a lot of room for integrating your unique style. Whether you like studs, clip-on, long earrings, or hooks, you have many decadent and casual-use opportunities for garnet earrings.

Rings: While the other jewelry pieces are exceptional in their versatility, the garnet rings really shine. The bold, warm color of the traditional garnet is abnormally diverse. Therefore, it can serve as everything from a simple informational piece matching your style to a meaningful engagement ring or wedding band.

Meanings Behind Garnet

The garnet ring encompasses many meanings throughout its bold and adaptable appearance. This gemstone offers a plethora of symbolic gestures through color, style, size, and varying rarity.

Beyond being the January birthstone ring, here are some of the most common meanings behind the gift of a garnet ring:

Love: The reason a garnet ring is such an appropriate choice for engagement and wedding rings is that the stone is often associated with love. The bold, passionate color of the iconic garnet jewel is swelling with fervor.

Friendship: Beyond that of a passionate, romantic relationship, a garnet ring is also synonymous with friendship. The love of a friend is a strong bond that transcends miles and decades. Since garnet is such a personalizable stone, it provides the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

Trust: Every relationship, whether romantic or platonic, needs to be built on trust to survive. Therefore, the January birthstone ring is also a bold testament to the trust friends or lovers share between one another.

Safe Return: In addition to transcending geographic separations and time, gifting a garnet jewelry piece also signifies the wish for a safe return. If a person is leaving on a journey, a garnet of any size, color, shape, or set symbolizes your desire for them to have a safe trip.

Prices of Garnet

The price of garnet is heavily dependent on a few different factors, as is any piece of jewelry:

Size: The size of the garnet used in the jewelry piece is a factor in its price. You can expect a bigger gem to be pricier than a smaller piece if all other elements are equal.

Rarity: This article has discussed that different garnet colors are rarer and thus more valuable than others. So, this factor, above all else, is the biggest indicator of price for garnet. True Mandarin orange is usually easier to find than Mozambique purple or Tsavorite garnets. Therefore, assuming everything else about the piece is the same, it would make sense that Mandarin orange is the most affordable option of the three.

Settings: The setting, including which jewels, if any, surround the garnet, the band, the cut, and the quality, is a factor in the price of all pieces. Yet, with the vast number of possibilities regarding a garnet piece, the setting can play a bigger role in the price range spectrum.

In summation, garnet is a versatile yet gorgeous birthstone that offers unlimited purpose, style, and meaningful choices. While some birthstones are masterful in one fashion area but lack the pliancy for a truly practical style, garnet covers all fashion bases. From birth to your wedding and beyond, the illustrious January birthstone ring is one gem you can always count on to shine.

For more information or to pick a garnet piece of your very own, visit Lou Jewelry today!

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