1, How long does it take to receive the goods?

After receiving the order, it takes about 7 working days to make your jewelry. The shipping time varies according to the carrier and your geographical location. If you are located in the United States, we mainly ship via USPS, the shipping time is about 10-18 days, if you are in Europe or Oceania or Southeast Asia, we mainly deliver via DHL, the transportation time is about 4-9 days. The transportation method and transportation time are not absolutely fixed, it may be affected by the international situation and special circumstances. If you are particularly concerned, please contact us at  support@luojewelry.com.

2, Return policy

As long as there is no damage, we accept exchange goods or return and refundwithin 30 days after your receipt, but you need to bear the return shipping cost and the risk of loss.

3, How to customize jewelry?

You can provide style photos or design drawings and explain your requirements, then we will quote you, if you are satisfied with the price, we will make a customized listing for you to pay. After the payment is completed, we will provide a 3D computer design drawing to further confirm the style, and will improve the product according to your ideas until you are satisfied, and then start making your jewelry after you are completely satisfied.

4, Are gemstones all natural?

Some are natural and some are synthetic. All emerald, sapphire, ruby, pink sapphire, green sapphire, alexandrite, moissanite, cubic zirconia in our shop are lab created, and others like amethyst, aquamarine, black spinel, citrine, garnet, green amethyst, London blue topaz, mystic topaz, moonstone, moss agate, opal, peridot, rose quartz, smoky quartz, Swiss blue topaz, white topaz, lemon quartz are both natural.

5, Will the ring turn my finger green?

We mainly use 925 sterling silver, 14K gold or platinum as metal materials, which will not turn your fingers green, but will tarnish over time, which is normal. We will electroplate a layer of Rhodium on the silver jewelry to delay this, but this is not permanent, so please be careful when wearing the silver jewelry. If you want to wear it for a long time, it is recommended to choose the 14K gold version.

6, Is there an authentication certificate?

If you choose the 14k gold or platinum version, we will provide a certificate for free. For the silver version, we generally do not provide a certificate. If you really need it, you have to pay an additional $10. Please note that the appraisal agency is one of the most authoritative appraisal agencies in mainland China, and the certificate is mainly written in Chinese.

7, Can you engrave inside the ring? How much does it cost?

We offer free typing service, but it is better not to exceed 15 characters. You fill it in directly when placing your order.

8, Can you send greeting cards for me?

Yes, it’s free.Please leave a message directly when placing an order.