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Jewelry Warranty


At LUO Jewelry, we guarantee complete satisfaction with your purchase of our gemstone jewelry. We offer a lifetime free warranty service for all series of jewelry and custom jewelry sold.

Our warranty includes the following items:

  1. Check and clean the gemstone jewelry you purchased.
  2. Re-plate your gemstone jewelry to maintain its brand-new appearance.
  3. Reinforce and adjust the setting to extend the life of your jewelry.

We promise that the above warranty items are free for life, and you only need to pay the cost of shipping back and forth to enjoy these services.



PLEASE NOTE THAT our jewelry warranty covers the replacement of any center and side stones (using stones of equal value) that are lost in their original setting within 3 months of your jewelry receipt, and you only need to pay for the international shipping back to us.

If your gemstone needs to be replaced after 3 months, the specific cost depends on the value and quantity of the gemstone, and you need to pay for the cost of international logistics.



If you need warranty-related services, please follow these steps, and we will respond to your request as soon as possible:

  1. Send your requirements to the email, and send pictures related to the issue if necessary.
  2. We will communicate with you to find a suitable repair method.
  3. Inform you of the time and cost and so you can decide whether or not you want to continue the process.



Our warranty applies to any defects in our materials and/or workmanship.

Our warranty doesn’t cover lost items, scratches that come with normal wear and tear (like a bent ring or broken chain), improper use or storage of your jewelry, improper care of your jewelry including contact with household chemicals, hygiene products like make-up or perfumes, discoloration of stones caused by water, chemicals, sweating, make-up, cooking, prongs wearing out, stones lost by everyday wear, natural inclusions and imperfections of stones and any modification to your jewelry done by a third party outside of LUO Jewelry.