what is an asscher cut diamond

 what is an asscher cut diamond

There’s nothing quite as exciting as picking out the next premium ring to add to your collection. Whether you’re searching for the perfect party accessory or a special diamond to propose with, Asscher cut rings remain a staple amongst the jewelry industry thanks to their unique qualities and appearance.

 Still, the detailed history and features that make Asscher cut stone so special might remain a mystery to the average buyer. Fortunately, we’re here to provide you with some clarity regarding this exquisite jewel; with our guidance, it might even become your next purchase.

 Without further ado, read on to learn everything you need to know about Asscher cut diamonds.  


A Brief History of the Asscher Cut

 In 1902, the Asscher Brothers took their home of Holland by storm with their first iterations of Asscher cut stone. Like most great innovations, it would take another 20 years before the technique became mainstream across the entire world, with more people than ever striving to add a piece to their collection after another resurgence in 2002.

 Though these items were primarily found in vintage jewelry stores in the past, today’s buyers can find a variety of options available, with Asscher cut engagement rings rising in popularity. Furthermore, the Royal Asscher Diamond Company is no longer the only vendor of this unique stone cut. In modern times, dozens of jewelry manufacturers have carried on the name, applying it to any stone that uses the technique.


The Asscher Cut Explained

 So, what exactly makes an Asscher cut ring special? Take a look at any local jewelry store, and you’ll soon spot the differences that make these items stand out from other offerings.

 To start with, Asscher cut diamonds are octagonal and square in shape, layered with multiple facets to give the piece depth. However, its signature appeal comes with the cut’s elevated crown and deep pavilion: two factors that grant the diamond unparalleled amounts of brilliance.

 Straight, clean edges are another unique feature of the Asscher cut, as it creates a minimalistic appeal and allows the diamond’s beauty to speak for itself without distraction. Compared to complex cuts, an Asscher cut stone is a noticeable contrast, with many liking its features to art pieces produced throughout the Art Deco era.


Unique Details 

Like most jewelry pieces, the Asscher cut follows a formula that allows buyers to single it out from a collection. Aside from general physical appearance, these specific details add depth to the technique and further establish it as an innovation to be reckoned with:


  • Facets: Similar to a round brilliant stone, Asscher cut engagement rings and diamonds contain 58 facets (the flat, polished surfaces placed onto cut gemstones). These grant the piece a unique, mirror-like appearance that highlight the cut’s vintage features when appropriately arranged.   
  • Shape: The Asscher cut truly shines thanks to its simple yet powerful form. Stones produced using the technique feature the same length and width as a square, but with corners angled into an octagon shape.
  • Carat Weights:Asscher cut rings are made in five different carat weights, each one varying in size: 0.5 ct, 0.75 ct, 1 ct, 1.5 ct and 2 ct.   


Choosing the Asscher Cut

 Deciding on your next favorite jewelry piece is never an easy task, yet there are a few reasons why the Asscher cut is a common staple amongst buyers from all walks of life.

 To begin with, Asscher cut rings are some of the most elegant items on the modern market. Because of their broad look and layered facets, wearers can enjoy incredible flashes that capture the attention of anyone who walks past. Furthermore, this brilliance can be accentuated with colored diamonds or other stones placed throughout the rest of the ring’s surface.

 Next, wearers who love vintage are always delighted with the Asscher cut, as its unique allure is reminiscent of the 1920’s Art Deco era: the same year that the technique found mainstream appeal worldwide.

 Regardless of your preferences, there is always something to love about an Asscher cut engagement ring or stone.


Comparing the Asscher Cut

 Now that we have uncovered the fundamentals that make the Asscher cut such a unique creation, we can compare it to some of its fellow options in the jewelry industry. Take a look below to see how it holds up against popular alternatives found in stores today.

Compared to the Cushion Cut

Cushion cut rings are similar to the Asscher in that they hold the shape of a square, yet minor differences set the two apart.

 For instance, the Asscher cut produces octagonal corners with straight lines, whereas the Cushion cut makes for rounded corners. Though these variations are only noticeable up-close, they drastically change how their pieces react to light: Asscher cut rings reflect “white light,” making them appear more brilliant, while Cushion cut stones reflect “colored light,” which is slightly less intense.

 Because of their similarities, Asscher and Cushion cut rings tend to be close in price, though the former may be slightly higher due to their enhanced brilliance.

Compared to the Princess Cut

Once again, the differences between these techniques come down to their corners. Princess cuts are noticeable due to their sharp, unaltered corners that give the stone a perfect square shape — unlike the Asscher cut’s angled, octagonal corners.

 Princess cuts also tend to hold more brilliance, as they exhibit “fire light” that manages to hide imperfections while increasing overall shine. However, this also makes them more expensive than Asscher cut stones in general.  

Compared to the Emerald Cut

Emerald cuts are easily recognizable thanks to their rectangular shape, making them appear more expansive than other alternatives. Still, they do not offer the same amount of brilliance as an Asscher cut and often require a higher clarity to reduce the visibility of imperfections.



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