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Article: About Moss Agate | Meaning, Properties & Jewelry

About Moss Agate | Meaning, Properties & Jewelry

About Moss Agate | Meaning, Properties & Jewelry

When you first saw a moss agate stone, were you also fascinated by the magical plant-shaped patterns inside and wanted to learn more about it? This magical gemstone has as rich an origin, meaning, and value as its inclusions. Let's discover the beautiful world behind moss agate crystal.

 What is Moss Agate:  Origin & Properties

Moss agate stone, whose ancient source is the city of Mocha in Yemen, Arabia. Therefore, it’s also known as a mocha stone. Today, this gemstone mainly comes from India, Scotland, and United States.

The stunning gemstone on the recently immensely popular moss agate engagement rings is so different from the others. It is actually a variety of agate. Agates possess translucent, colorful patterns or moss-like inclusions and display a vivid variety of multiple colors. These are mainly brought about by oxides of iron, manganese, titanium, chromium, nickel, and other elements.

The variety of this gemstone is mainly described by its color pattern and inclusions. A moss agate stone represents plant-like patterns. Its internal landscape is chic, and its naturally formed texture is like the water plants floating in the pond, graceful and winding. That’s what makes a moss agate jewelry so appealing. Meanwhile, those agate stones that have feather-like patterns are called plume agates, while a dendritic agate presents tree-like patterns.

Moss agate is clear or milky. There are green minerals throughout the stone, which look like moss. Although moss agate is primarily green, some stones can also have blue, yellow, black, brown, white or red inclusions throughout. The green moss agate can also come in a variety of shades, from deep forest green to lighter green. Jewelry Designers often create unique and fascinating moss agate jewelry pieces.


  • How hard is moss agate?

Just like other varieties of agate, moss agate is also a very durable gemstone with a Mohs hardness scale of 6.5-7. So moss agate crystal is very durable for daily wear as and is perfect for making jewelry.

  • Is moss agate water safe?

Moss agate is definitely safe if you put it in the water. So you can use soapy water to clean your moss agate jewelry. We also recommend that you make it completely dry after cleaning for a long-lasting lust.

  • Is tree agate the same as moss agate?

Tree agate and moss agate are actually two varieties of agate. The former has dendrite inclusions of green minerals, which often present fern, tree, or branch-like, while the inclusions of moss agate usually present moss-like landscapes.

  • Is moss agate expensive?

Moss agate is an inexpensive gemstone due to its big supply worldwide. An average moss agate is priced between $20 and $100, while you can also find rare pieces with high-quality landscapes for over $200.

Moss Agate Crystal: Spiritual Meaning & Healing Properties

Many modern consumers are drawn to alternative gemstones for engagement rings. Moss agate have become a beautiful choice for couples who love nature and the outdoors as the inclusions of moss agate are reminiscent of seagrass on the forest floor and waves. But this gemstone has been popular with humans for a long time.

As early as the 18th century in Europe, moss agate crystal was considered to be a lucky stone. It was often placed around houses to attract wealth and prosperity. Farmers would also use moss agate stone as a talisman because they believed that the green inclusions in the stone would help their crops to thrive.

More importantly, like many gemstones, moss agate has spiritual properties. It is believed to encourage tranquility and emotional balance. That makes moss agate the perfect gift for those who are experiencing aggression or negative emotions. It will also help balance both male and female energies whenever they become too extreme.

Wearing moss agate jewelries is also believed to help remove blockages and balance the heart chakra. So that love and abundance can thrive freely, making moss agate good for engagement rings to benefit a lifelong marriage.

Unique Moss Agate Jewelry: Engagement Rings

Gemstones are becoming increasingly popular among couples thanks to their brilliant colors and unique engagement ring style. It’s the same for moss agate crystal, as its green inclusions offer a striking style that will pair perfectly with various metals, cuts, and settings. 

If you choose moss agate for your engagement ring, it means that you are choosing a piece of jewelry that is as unique as you are. That also suggests that you have a unique union with your partner. Moss agate engagement ring is the perfect choice for couples who are looking for an affordable and unique engagement ring.

Check out 10 affordable moss agate engagement rings for your beloved one, from minimal settings to more fancy designs.

Round Cut Vine Moss Agate Engagement Ring Silver

If you want to start with some minimal and yet chich styles, this solitaire twisted vine ring is the ideal choice. Featuring a 1.25ct 7mm*7mm round-cut moss agate and four prongs, this ring is very elegant. It’s also available in 14K gold and platinum.


Simple Hexagon Moss Agate Engagement Ring


For a bride-to-be who desires something completely unique and yet sticks to simple styles, a hexagon-cut moss agate solitaire ring is perfect.  Hexagonal-cut engagement rings are somewhat rare due to their unconventional shape. This cut brings a lot of light into the center of a moss agate stone, and you may not be able to find one easily at the jewelers you visit. Simply owning this simple hexagon-cut moss agate engagement ring is something incredible.


Hexagon Moss Agate Halo Ring With Split Shank

This one-of-a-kind hexagonal moss agate engagement ring features a 1.25ct center stone with a round-cut man-made diamond halo for an edgy look. Options of silver, 14k gold, and platinum are available for this beautiful moss agate diamond ring with a split shank.


Moss Agate Vintage Horizontal Oval Ring

If you are a lover of unique and classic styles, then vintage moss agate wedding rings are most likely for you. This unique oval moss agate ring is a stunner. Her outer diamonds are gorgeous, while the moss agate stone at the center is outstanding. Whether you need a vintage moss agate engagement ring or just a beautiful moss agate wedding ring, this is definitely a choice that you will not regret.


Moss Agate Wedding Ring Bridal Set

This ring brings a little sparkle to a simple round cut. The round moss agate stone is accented by two natural man-made diamonds and a four-claw setting, allowing the stone to stand out. A wedding band set with shining diamonds complements the green tones of the moss agate, making it an ideal choice for the wedding.


Moss Agate 3 Stone Halo Engagement Ring

This three-stone setting has a classic feel to the ring. Inspired by Art Deco style, the moss agate diamond ring stands out for the beautiful combination of the center moss agate stone and the sparkling diamonds all around. All three stones are framed by a halo of round-cut diamonds for a vintage touch.


Moss Agate Cocktail Ring Silver

This moss agate crown ring is also a stunning piece with its dazzling look. You can see the beautiful man-made diamonds set on the top and around the bottom of the band. It will make you feel like you are one of the Disney princesses when you are wearing it. You can propose to your princess and she will say yes to this beautiful ring.

Unique Moss Agate Engagement Ring

This exquisite and elegant sun and moon moss agate will become a must-have piece for your glamorous look. Adorned with sparkling man-made diamonds and green moss agate, it will allow you to match many styles with ease.

Moss Agate Art Deco Engagement Ring With Leaf

The sparkle and shine of silver and man-made diamonds create a showcase for this stunning twisted vine engagement. The addition of emeralds as leaves accenting the sparking vines adds to the romance and glamour of this moss agate engagement ring.

Green Moss Agate Twisted Engagement Ring
Back to simplicity. You will always find a moss agate solitaire ring attractive and timeless. This silver ring with a twisting band will also look gorgeous in 14K gold yellow. You can also wear this ring with a unique stack that shows your own personality.

For more ring styles, browse LUO Jewelry’s moss agate jewelry collection!

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