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Article: Ultimate Guide To Citrine Crystal | Citrine Healing Properties

Ultimate Guide To Citrine Crystal | Citrine Healing Properties

Ultimate Guide To Citrine Crystal | Citrine Healing Properties

Citrine crystal properties, benefits, and meaning

The Ultimate Guide To Citrine Crystal

Treasured for their natural beauty, citrine crystals have the ability to boost your mood, helping you to feel energized and more optimistic. Fondly known as the Merchant’s Stone due to its ability to manifest wealth, citrine stones are thought to enhance creativity, imagination, confidence, and mental clarity. In this article, we’re going to reveal everything there is to know about the citrine stone. From the incredible healing properties of this golden sun-kissed crystal to its connection to feng shui. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect gift idea or a citrine crystal engagement ring for a loved one, sit back, relax, and take in the astonishing citrine benefits, properties, beliefs that have made this particular crystal so popular around the world.  

What Is A Citrine Crystal?

The word citrine comes from the Latin word citrina, which basically translates to yellow or lemon. Although it was previously known as yellow quartz up until 1556, it is often nicknamed the Merchants Stone. Naturally rare, this refreshingly bright yellow quartz is used to make bespoke pieces of jewelry as well as strategically placed throughout the home to attract positive energy. Loved over the centuries for its warm and invigorating glow, it is considered to possess the healing properties of the sun. In fact, citrine tends to emit a honey-yellow hue, quite similar to that of a warm sunny day. But genuine citrine may also come in a darker yellow color as well as be slightly orange in some cases. Typically citrine stones are mined in Brazil and Uruguay, with the world’s largest faceted citrine stone weighing a massive 20,2000 carats. ¹

Citrine crystal properties, benefits, and meaning

How To Identify A Citrine Crystal From Other Precious Stones

When it comes to investing in crystals, it can often be challenging to identify a genuine stone from a fake gem. Citrine crystal is made by heat-treating amethyst, and like all quartz, is formed from silicon and oxygen atoms. Citrine stones can be found in France, the UK, Russia, Spain, the US, and even Madagascar. Although it has been used for centuries and was particularly popular in Ancient Greece. ² Natural citrine will feature a prominent white root with an orange or yellow sharp tip, and might be pale in color. A citrine crystal encompasses the spiritual properties of joy, abundance, and transmutation. 

How To Spot A Fake Citrine Crystal

Like many crystals, inspecting the color of the stone can help you to check the quality and authenticity of the crystal. Citrine crystal usually has an even hue throughout the piece, and so to spot a fake, take time to look at the color of the stone. If there is a distinct difference in one part of the citrine stone, it may be that you’re looking at a replica of a genuine citrine crystal. You can also look out for bubbles inside the stone, which are a massive giveaway that colored glass has been used to give the illusion of a genuine citrine crystal. Real citrine crystal does not contain any bubbles.

Citrine crystal properties, benefits, and meaning

Citrine Crystal Meaning

Now let’s explore citrine crystal meanings and why this precious stone makes a wonderful gift idea or meaningful engagement ring.

According to experts, citrine crystals have the frequency and ability to spark your imagination, inspire creativity and help people turn their dreams and ambitions into reality. With its warm and inviting yellow glow, this gorgeous crystal reflects the natural warmth of mother nature and the opportunity that life holds. With a citrine crystal close by, you will often look upon life in a whole new way. Things that seemed impossible before are now within easy reach. This is because natural citrine crystal does not absorb negative energy but instead changes its entire form. This means that it not only attracts positive vibes but also eliminates self-doubt, anxiety, stress, and any other negative feelings that could be holding you back from reaching your goals. And since it does not cleanse your aura by absorbing negative energy, it is one of two crystals found on Earth that does not require cleansing. ³

Whether you like to use its nickname, the merchant’s stone, or perhaps you prefer to call citrine, the money stone; it has been used throughout history and across ancient civilizations. In Ancient China, citrine stones were commonly used in the home and carried by Chinese merchants on the road. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that having a citrine crystal would help you to attract wealth, success, and good fortune. On the other hand, in Ancient Greece, you would find citrine crystals among images of deities, mythical creatures, and gods and goddesses, and jewelers would make sure to use citrine when crafting significant rings and bespoke pieces of jewelry.

During the Roman Empire, blades were often elaborately decorated with citrine stones as Roman soldiers believed that a sword adorned with citrine crystals would bring them victory on the battlefield. Romans closely associated citrine with Sekhem, the Goddess of War, who possessed destructive powers. This is certainly a distinctly different citrine meaning than what many people believe in today! ⁴

Moving forward in time, citrine continued to remain one of the most popular precious stones around the world. Queen Victoria, too fell in love with the beauty of citrine and incorporated this crystal into her wardrobe. ⁵ Today we have a slightly updated citrine meaning. Now it is more so connected with metaphysical citrine properties and is said to improve self-confidence, self-esteem, and calm fears, anxiety, and even phobias. 

The birthstone of those born in November, this beautiful crystal is not to be confused with topaz. Citrine is almost like a drop of sunlight, whereas topaz can come in a wide range of colors. While both are connected with November birthdays, each has different meanings. Topaz represents nobility, purpose, and love, whereas the citrine stone is more of a talisman worn for good fortune and abundance, whether that be in self-confidence, health or wealth. ⁶

Citrine Stone & Its Connection To Feng Shui

Going back to Ancient China, citrine properties meant that it was widely used to manifest success. Chinese Emperors would often be seen wearing citrine crystal jewelry. It was thought to help advance the Emperor’s success and ambitions during his reign and help broaden the mind. Citrine stones can be used alongside feng shui to bring family prosperity and attract positive energy in the home. Place this gorgeous yellow crystal in the part of the home that, according to feng shui, is your ‘wealth’ area. This may be a home office or at the bedroom door. However, some people keep citrine crystals wherever they keep cash, credit cards, or coins. Suppose you have a safe inside your home; you could pop a citrine crystal inside to protect your wealth and attract more financial prosperity. Alternatively, keep a small citrine stone inside a purse or wallet. 

Today, many people use citrine jewelry to self-heal as it is thought to help open the solar plexus chakra, which helps to strengthen self-confidence and empower individuality. The solar plexus chakra is located at your core and also features a warm yellow glow. ⁶

Citrine crystal properties, benefits, and meaning

Discover Key Citrine Benefits

So, what are the main benefits of investing in citrine quartz crystals? The citrine stone is an energizing quartz crystal associated with the Zodiac signs of Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Libra. As an air element, it can transform the energy around you, withdrawing negative vibrations that could be holding you back in life. One of the major citrine benefits is that it can help you to feel uplifted, positive and excited about life.

When you feel energized and enthusiastic, you will be far more likely to take risks in your career or love life, pursue dreams and ambitions, and approach everyday life in a new confident, balanced way. Rather than feel the need to withdraw, shy away or retreat to familiarity, citrine crystals will offer you support and encourage feelings such as curiosity, wonder, joy, and delight. Stimulating the brain, it is also said to improve mental clarity, mental focus and minimize depression. So, if you have been feeling low, unsure of yourself, confused about your path in life, perhaps it’s time to welcome the warm and reassuring hue of citrine crystal jewelry into your life.⁷

8 Citrine Healing Properties

  • Stimulates A Creative Mindset
    If you’ve hit burnout as a creative professional or business owner, why not use this time to unlock citrine healing properties by wearing a piece of citrine crystal jewelry. This precious stone is a light-generating crystal and will help boost mental clarity and spark your natural creativity. So, if you’re feeling stressed out, mentally drained, and in need of a mental boost, perhaps citrine will help you to feel re-energized and ready to take on new projects and pursue new goals in the business world. 
  • Mental Health & Positive Mindset
    There is certainly no shame or blame when it comes to mental health, and if you’ve been struggling lately, citrine crystals might help you to feel a lot better. A negative mindset can be emotionally draining, to say the least, but thankfully citrine is able to transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive energy. So, having a citrine stone or piece of jewelry close by might help you to avoid a negative spiral or low mood and remind you to smile and feel the warmth of the sun, even on a dark day! 
  • Draws Out Your Intuition
    Combing the power of a positive mindset with creativity and imagination, citrine healing properties also extend to your intuition. Changing your mindset gives your life a more positive narrative and avoids negative thoughts that can dismantle your happiness and optimistic outlook. Wear citrine jewelry close to your heart and pay more attention to your intuition or inner voice. Let it guide you and help you navigate through life!
  • Manifestation & Citrine Benefits
    If you want to generate better results through manifestation, consider using citrine crystal. As a manifestation stone, citrine can absorb and hold onto your life goals, ambitions, or desires and help them to actually become a reality. Take this a step further and try meditating next to a citrine stone. It will bring mental focus to your meditation and manifestation sessions and will allow you to manifest without reservation.
  • Encourages A Fresh Start
    The sun will rise tomorrow, and this reassurance of the dawn of a brand new day is reflected in the warm glow of the citrine crystal. By incorporating citrine into your life, you’ll hopefully become more optimistic and have a fresh, new outlook on life. So, put people-pleasing to the side and focus your time, energy, and attention on yourself for a change!
  • Heals Digestive Trouble
    In terms of physical citrine healing properties, it is thought that citrine can aid digestion by detoxifying your system from negative energy. If you think about it, when you feel energized, uplifted, and ambitious, you are far more likely to invest in self-care and nourish your body with fresh food. And so, this change to your diet and daily life can certainly help improve problems you may have been experiencing within the gut and digestive tract.⁸
Citrine crystal properties, benefits, and meaning

Citrine Crystal Engagement Rings

With such remarkable citrine benefits and healing properties, this particular crystal makes for a meaningful engagement ring. At LUO, we have a wide range of beautiful citrine crystal engagement rings designs, which can all be fully customizable. So, create something truly bespoke to you in 14K white, rose, or yellow gold with our expert help. Since citrine is also highly durable as a precious stone, it is far more practical and affordable for couples who are searching for a diamond engagement ring alternative. Choose from citrine solitaire engagement rings for a simple yet striking piece to more elaborate Art Deco-inspired citrine styles that feature intricate designs and are inspired by nature. Bring prosperity and happiness to your partnership, and feel free to take a look at our online citrine crystal engagement ring collection. 



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