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Article: Emerald Jewelry Guide for 2023 | Meaning, Buying Tips, Jewelry Care

Emerald Jewelry Guide for 2023 | Meaning, Buying Tips, Jewelry Care

As one of the most popular gemstones, emerald is the birthstone of May, and also the stone to celebrate the 55th wedding anniversary. If you are also a big fan of Emerald stone and are in the mood for a piece of jewelry, read this article first so you know better about the meaning and healing property of emerald stone. You’ll know how to choose emerald jewelry as well as smart habits to take care of your emerald birthstone jewelry.

Before Buying Emerald Jewelry: Spiritual Meaning & Healing Properties

Emerald stone is known for its vibrant green appearance, the result of a combination of its unique constituent elements and natural phenomena. A dazzling array of emerald colors that are highly sought after around the world - the green in the finest emeralds is unmatched in nature.

Apart from its gorgeous color, the emerald stone’s spiritual meaning and benefits also win the heart of many people. Emerald stone represents love, luck, peace, and hope. It brings loyalty, contributes to unconditional love, and enhances friendship. Any relationship in your life cannot always go smoothly, however, wearing an emerald jewelry regularly can inspire you to become more accepting and tolerant. It also helps rekindle love, passion, and trust in a relationship.

Meanwhile, wearing an emerald jewelry ensures harmony in your physical, emotional, and spiritual states. It can also bring positive action, help get rid of negativity and become a better version of yourself.

The green color of this may birthstone is also closely associated with life and health, so emerald has a long-standing reputation as rejuvenating stone. You can relax your eyes when they feel tired by staring at this green gemstone for a while just like gazing at trees and grass in nature. Anyone spending all day in front of a computer will find these soothing gems really helpful. Many people also believe that wearing emerald jewelry can help treat certain illnesses and disorders of the heart, lungs, liver, and spine.

All the beautiful spiritual meaning and healing properties of emerald stone contribute to one of the most desirable and valuable gemstone jewelry. No wonder people are obsessed with emerald pieces of jewelry especially emerald engagement rings. With the huge demand, the emerald market is ever-changing. Emerald jewelries vary in style, price, and quality from merchant to merchant. As an average buyer, it is difficult to identify and choose the perfect emerald jewelry without some basic knowledge. If you’re looking into buying an emerald jewelry, check out the guide offered by our gem expert to become a pro on this beautiful gemstone.

On Buying Emerald Jewelries: Factors to Consider

1. Lab-created Emerald vs Natural Emerald

You might get confused by many jewelers who are persuading you into buying lab-created emeralds. Are lab-grown emeralds real emeralds? Should you buy lab-created emeralds instead?

Answer: Lab-grown emeralds are real emeralds and they have the same properties as natural emeralds. In fact, lab-grown emeralds are MUCH less expensive and more sustainable than natural emeralds, which makes them a popular choice for many people. Lab-grown emeralds are also an environmentally friendly choice. While gemstone mining, just like diamond mining, can cause significant damage to the environment, the making of lab-grown emeralds only uses small amounts of resources and is produced in a laboratory with little or no environmental impact. For me, I do recommend lab-created emerald for engagement rings, a more affordable but still valuable option.

2. Origin Matters for Natural Emerald

If you stick to a natural emerald jewelry, please keep these origins in mind, Egypt, Colombia, Zambia, and Brazil. Emeralds were first mined thousand years ago in Egypt, while the latter three countries are the top three sources nowadays. Among all, the emeralds from Colombia are considered to be the best in terms of quality and so the prices for them are higher too.

3. Emerald Color & Clarity

When choosing an emerald jewelry, the gemstone’s quality will make all the difference. The green color is the most important value factor and must be the dominant hue on the ring. It’s normal for there to show a very minor level and blue and yellow on an emerald. You can choose the gems based on your color preference. However, keep in mind that the best emeralds will be paired with the iconic green or blue-green hues, with intense or vivid saturation and medium to medium dark tones. The color of a quality emerald is evenly distributed throughout the stone, with no visible patches or variations.

Clarity is important. However, unlike diamonds, which are naturally clear and sparkling, emeralds have green inclusions. Also, these lush green gems are often treated with oil to make the inclusions less visible. Therefore more inclusions can be tolerated in emeralds than in almost any other gemstone. You’d be so blessed to encounter an emerald with supreme clarity, on the other hand, inclusions inside the stone should also be acceptable.

4. Price & Budget: How Much Are Emeralds Worth?

It’s difficult to tell the exact price of an emerald jewelry without considering color, cut, carat weight, and metal material. Real emeralds can cost you from $1,000 per karat to as high as $305,500 per carat at Christies, while you can also get a high-quality lab-grown emerald jewelry for less than $300. Please note the actual price always depends on the quality and design.

If you have a higher budget you could go to famous jewelers who offer stunning gold emerald diamond ring options priced from $2,000 to $8,000. If you are price-sensitive, but still eager for a piece natural emerald jewelry, you can try your luck at jewelry fairs to find a loose emerald at a reasonable price. You can then have jewelry makers like LUO Jewelry design and craft it for you, but you have to be discerning and patient. For people with a limited budget, there are also many affordable lab-grown emerald jewelries on the market from smaller jewelers. One can bring home a solid gold emerald engagement ring for less than $1,000.

 5. Choose Your Fave Ring Styles

Just like buying dresses and shoes, we’ve got so many options for emerald birthstone rings to choose from. A beautifully designed emerald green ring is sure to be a stunner and melts your heart. Haven’t got an idea about what styles to pick up? Here are five emerald styles that will help make up your mind.

Solitaire Rings

As the classic, solitaires will never let you down. This timeless style best illustrates emeralds’ beautiful green with their simple and minimalist design that will never feel stale.

Three-stone Rings

A three-stone ring is to great gift option for your beloved one with its beautiful meaning. The three stones on the ring represent the today and tomorrow of the couple’s relationship. This style is also very common for mother’s rings. An emerald stone as the center stone would make a nice-looking three-stone ring. It would be a perfect gift for your family members who were born in May, while you can also contact LUO Jewelry to replace the two side stones with other birthstones.

Emerald in Fancy Cut

Nowadays emerald in fancy cuts have seen a rise in popularity. Therefore an emerald engagement ring of asscher cut, marquise set, kite shapes, and some other more daring styles becomes many people’s choice.

Toi et Moi Style Rings

A Toi et Moi (You and Me) rings date back to Napoleon Bonaparte in 1796. This design features two gemstones placed side by side representing two souls bound together forever. Today, engagement rings of this design come in a variety of cuts and styles.

Halo Rings

Halo rings are so versatile that almost no one can say no to them. The halo just makes any center stone look larger. When it comes to an emerald halo ring, the elegant gemstone offers bold and dramatic sparkle with the addition of shining diamonds.

Post Purchase: How to Care and Clean Emerald Jewelry

Now that you have learned a good knowledge of the meaning of emerald, as well as about the tips on choosing and buying a piece of beautiful emerald jewelry. If you have made up your mind to bring an emerald piece home, be sure that you can handle your emerald jewelry with special care for the lasting beauty. Check out these wearing habits and cleaning tips to care for your emerald jewelry especially emerald gemstone ring properly.

  1. Emeralds should never be kept with other jewelry, which may cause scratches. Make sure you wrap your emerald birthstone rings, necklaces and earrings individually in a soft cloth and stored them in separate jewelry boxes.
  1. Avoid exposing your emerald jewelry to extreme temperatures and heat sources. The former could create cracks in the stone, while the latter would damage oil treatment and cause discoloring.
  2. Check your emerald jewelry regularly to see if the stones are loose. If that happens, go to your jeweler and fix it.
  3. To avoid possible damage to your emerald jewelry, don’t wear them especially rings when you are doing housework, gardening, or sports.
  4. Clean emerald jewelry properly: before washing your emerald piece, make sure you remove the oil and dirt from it by using a soft cloth. Get some room-temperature water with s few drops of soft soap and submerge your ring into the water for a while. You can brush it gently with a soft toothbrush or jewelry brush if you have one. Don’t forget to wash the emerald jewelry under running water to get rid of soap residue. Finally, let it dry in the air or polish it with a soft cloth.

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